Videoder APK [2020 Latest Version] For Android & iOS

Videoder APK
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About Videoder APK

extra tools are launched which can help us to achieve any task. People who are interested in listening to music or watching videos don’t like to search the same stuff again and again. So, for them, videoder app download for android is the best option where you can download videos and music on your device for free.

YouTube is one of the best platforms to enjoy videos but it does not give the option to download it in your device. But with this useful tool, it is possible to get all such videos and music playlist in your device which you can enjoy at your own time.

It is the best app today which can give you complete entertainment at any time and any place. Once you can get videos and music on your device there is no need for the internet to watch it online.

Videoder APK
Videoder APK

Why use Videoder?

Many people are looking for an option that can help them to download YouTube videos and music on their device but it was quite difficult. But with Videoder it is quite easy to make it possible as it is one of the best and reliable conversion tools.

This tool allows you to download videos from different sites which even include YouTube, Facebook and much more. Every platform is considered and so with the help of the tool, you can get complete entertainment.

People are now looking out for high-quality videos that can make it more enjoyable. So, to give more clear video you can download 4K videos where quality is just like you are watching in the theatre. If you have some high-quality ultra HD devices and using this tool to stream 4K videos the experience cannot be explained through words.

So, even if the tool is available for free there is no compensation of quality and you are free to download and stream all types of videos. Videoder is been developed to give complete entertainment and so you are not only able to convert videos but can also enjoy faster downloading. There are tools that can make the conversion but when it is about quality and speed no one can be compared to Videoder.

So, now you can get rid of streaming on the poor internet connection as you already have a collection of videos and albums on your device. This app already supports different sites and even if there are some which are not available user can request for it.

How to install Videoder APK in the device?

The growing popularity and demand for Videoder have forced everyone to get this tool on their device. But the question is how to get it in the device and so for this just follow below-mentioned steps:

  1. You must download the videoder link in your device and do it go for 
  2. It is very important to store the file in some location in your device.
  3. You are going for manual installation using a third party link that needs to make changes in settings of your device. So, go to Android settings -> Security settings ->Enable “Unknown Sources”. It would allow the device to accept any third party link and permit installation.
  4. Navigate to the location where your downloaded file is being stored and click on it.
  5. You will find the Install button, so tap on it and wait till the process gets completed.
  6. On successful installation, you can find a shortcut that is created on the home screen of the device.

Thus with the easy installation process, you can get the app in your device. It is possible to install an app for PC through emulators. Even though developers are working to release the version for both PC and Mac but till then you can use Android emulators. So, if you want to download the app for PC download the apk from and open with Blue stacks. This would allow you to enjoy the app on PC and so you can download all videos and music on PC.

Explain the working of the Videoder APK?

One might think that they need proper training to use this tool but actually, it is quite easy to use this tool and get all videos and mp3 files to be downloaded in the device. You are just required to surf through different websites like Instagram, YouTube or any other such site from where you wish to download video or mp3. Once you can search your favorite stuff follow the below-mentioned steps to get it downloaded in your device.

  • You are required to choose the video format from MP4, FLV, and 3GP as this tool is developed with these formats.
  • User is free to select the quality of the video depending on their device and the internet. You can select the quality between 240p and 1080p.

Now you are done and you will find the video or music file gets downloaded in your device. You can store everything on your smartphone and so at places where there is a low internet connection you can entertain yourself. This app is not available on plays roe but you can get it installed using the link which is explained above.

This shows that the working of the tool is quite easy and everyone can use it as they need and create their collection. If you are having some highly features mobile along with good storage this tool works like a boon. You can create your collection and thus enjoy yourself in your leisure time.

Screenshots Of Videoder APK

Details Of Videoder 14.4.2 APK

NameVideoder APK
Size10.16 MB
Latest Version14.4.2
Get it onGoogle Play, RevdlAPK
RequirementsAndroid 5.1 & UP

Publish DateSeptember 29, 2019

Features of Videoder APK

  • One of the eyes seeking feature of the tool is a video downloader where you can download videos using this app. It is one of the apps which can support almost 1000 sites which includes Voot, Hotstar, YouTube, Sound Cloud and many more. You can download videos and audio for free through this tool.
  • You are free to download unlimited videos on your smartphone through this app. Moreover, it’s you to decide the quality of the video and even the format for video. This selection would help all android phone to use the app for downloading videos and audio files.
  • Videoder comes with batch downloading where you can download multiple files on a single click. You are free to download the complete YouTube playlist on your device using this app. So, if you love watching videos and enjoy music go for this tool to get everything in your device.
  • Videoder is the tool that is compatible with videos and also mp3. No one might have thought to convert YouTube videos into mp3 but with help of videoder, you can make it possible. You can select the audio quality of the file you are downloading through any platform.
  • Videoder comes with a built-in web browser so that you can search for all your favorite videos or audio files that are to be downloaded on the smartphone. It uses multiple network connections which results in fast downloading of files. User is free to set the number of connection depending on the network.
  • This app comes with many add-on features that one might expect. You can organize the music playlist and also add a cover to it which makes you feel good regarding your collection.
  • YouTube playlist can be downloaded with a single click through this tool. You can make selection and drag videos that you want to get in your device. There is also an option to convert videos file to mp3 and thus get everything on your smartphone.
  • It comes with a smart link detection tool where if you copy any link of video or audio to the videoder it would detect it and give popup to download it. Thus it would make the downloading process quite simple for users.
  • Videoder comes with a customization feature where you are free to customize the app according to your choice. The app comes with some predefined palette where you can select the color and theme according to your liking and set it in the app.

Videoder is one of the popular and most powerful tools which can convert YouTube videos and mp3 files to get downloaded in your device. You are free to select the file format and even the quality which proves that the tool is quite flexible and works according to the user. You are free to download anything on your device through this tool so just download the apk file and install it on your smartphone. Download videos on your mobile through any platform with the help of videoder.

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