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Popcorn Time APK
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Popcorn time APK

Mobile and internet has made our life easy and so today there are many apps which has made life easy for us. There was time when we need to visit theatre to watch movie or buy CD but today mobile, internet and app is enough to enjoy our favourite movie.

There is no limitation of time and place as mobile app gives the freedom to watch movies and series online with your own comfort. One such app which is getting very popular today is popcorn time.

There is no need to download movie or series as it gives option of online streaming and so if device has less storage still you are able to see movie.

The interface of the app is also quite user friendly and interactive which makes it very easy to use the app. It will give new experience of watching your favourite movie or series on mobile instead of Television.

Popcorn Time APK

Explain working of the app?

After successful installation of the app it’s time to enjoy your favourite movies and series.

  • First open the app in your device. Clicking on the icon will open the app.
  • Next choose the movie or episode which you want to see.
  • If you are having high internet speed opt for high quality video or as per your internet speed. It also asks the option to select subtitle which should be selected on based of your language preference.
  • That’s all, play the video and enjoy time with your favorited movies or series on popcorn time.

Popcorn time apk just work as mediator where user requested movie or series are shown in their device. These all files are torrent files where the app allows you to opt for online streaming without actually downloading.

Why to download popcorn time APK?

Today there are number of apps which are offering such apps where you can enjoy online movies and TV series. But there are some or the other hidden charges. One of the main reason why this app has got such popularity is the option to use the app for free.

Yes, there is no charge to download the app not to watch movie or series. This app is compatible with al devices and so everyone can enjoy the features of app. Attractive interface and easy availability tow tach movie or series have made it very popular in short span of time.

Many people around the world are having this app on their devices. It is equipped with all required features and yet very simple to use. It solely depends on you what you wish to see according to your interest. The app has different categories like comedy, spy, thriller and many more.

Many people wish to see old movies of TV series and so for them this app is one stop solution. Yes, you are able to see both old and new stuff on your device with help of popcorn Time. You can watch even all latest releases on your device at free of cost.

The first screen of the app is equipped with all the latest releases and thus you can watch it or even download it. This app has reduced the use of TV as everything is now available on your device .so, now don’t get stress if you are unable to watch your favourite TV series as the app allows you to watch it any time and any place.

How to download the movie for devices?

This app is not available on the play store or app store, so it is important to install it from the unknown resource. The link is available for both Android and ios to device to install the app and enjoy movies from the comfort of your home.

How To Download Popcorn Time Screenshot
  1. This download is from unknown resources so; it is required to give permission to install from unknown resources in the device. To do so Settings -> Security and privacy -> Turn On unknown resources.
Popcorn Time Unknown Sources
  1. Download the file from https://revdlapk.com/video/popcorn-time-apk/ . If you are willing to use this app to watch movies and series in your PC, just download the android emulator like Blue stacks to get android interface.
  2. While you opt for downloading the file. a message is popped which says “This type of file can harm your device” along with OK button. So, just tap on the button to get the file downloaded n your device.
  3. After you get the file in your device, tap the apk file.
  4. Now you will see Install button at the bottom of the page and clicking will help to download the app within seconds.
  5. On successful installation just click on the OPEN button where you can see the interface of the app.

How to download movie and series with the app?

Once the app is installed in your device, its tem to start accessing its features and enjoy movies. So, first open the app by clicking on the icon of the app in your device.

  • The home screen of the app will show a big list of movies which are in block format.
  • There is open to select whether you want to see movie or TV series. So, on the left top corner click the menu to get category and select the one which you want to see depending on your mood.
  • On clicking movie option, a new screen will be seen where list of movies would be available or there will be option to search for the new movie.
  • If you click TV series, again a new window would be there with list of series and also you can search your favourite series. Next you also have to select the episode of eh series which you wish to see.
  • In both the cases you will be having opting to download it and it is solely up to you whether you wish to download or not.
  • If you are not willing to download, no issues as you can enjoy movie or TV series with online streaming. You are required to select the quality of video along subtitles for the movie and TV series.

Features of the app

  • This app is giving the option to watch all type of movies and TV series on your device or Android TV. This app is compatible with all devices and gives the option to use it even on your PC.
  • There is no need to go for any subscription as the app is available at free of cost.
  • All movies and videos are available in various languages. So it is you to decide the subtitle as required. Moreover, there is an option which can help to change the font and size of subtitles. It supports nearly 44 different languages and so people all over the world are using this app.
  • There is no restriction in the app and so you are able to watch the same movie or even same show innumerable times.
  • The interface of the app is very attractive and also simple to use. All the options are easily available and thus no one will face any problem while using the app. The interface of this app is inspired by Netflix and so thumbnails are available with the name of the movie which makes app interactive.
  • You can search for any movie by writing the name in search box. The app will come up with the best quality result.
  • If you are having good internet and are willing to enjoy clear movies there is even an option to watch in 720p and 1080p.
  • There is an option to enjoy online streaming of videos and movies without actually downloading. But if you are willing to save your data and wishes to watch some movies, again and again, opt for download.
  • This app is divided into different catalos for movies and TV series. So, you will find it very easy to search for your favourite shows.
  • Just like YouTube and other such app popcorn time also comes with the option of Chromecast. It will help to cast videos on TV or Airplay as you require.
  • Many of us are willing to see movies of other country but unable to understand languages.so, this app has come up with dubbed movies and shows. This feature of the app is still under process to make it available in all languages and still you can watch Spanish, French, German movies and Series.
  • So, now enjoy movies, TV series and much more without downloading them. Thus storage in your device would not be occupied and still, you can get an option of complete entertainment.

How to download the app for Android Smart TV?

Today many people are having Android smart TV which can give the option to enjoy movies and TV series on a big screen. So, to have a theatre like feel popcorn time is available even for Android TV. Just follow below mentioned steps to enjoy movies and show on your TV at any time.

  • First go to settings -> Security and Restrictions -> Enable unknown resources. This will help to download the app from unknown resources just like in the android device.
  • Now visit the link and download the version accordingly. For android TV visit Here.
  • This downloaded file should now be uploaded to google drive or Dropbox so that you can access Apk file.
  • Now open the ES File Explorer in your Android TV and select the ‘cloud’ option.
  • Just tap on the NEW button which is on right top corner and fill all required details.
  • This will help to get content of cloud on Explorer and thus you can select the download file of the app.
  • This app has given an option where the TV series can be watched at any time and any place. So, be free to carry out your routine work and when you are the free watch your favourite show on the device.
  • Lastly, click on the Install button which will help to install the app on your TV and just with the help of side load launcher to enjoy online streaming.

What is the risk and how to overcome it?

It is possible to get your IP address easily and as movies are seen for free it is illegal. It is the case of pirated movie and so in many situations, you might get blocked. The ISP can consider it as abusing the service and thus cancel the contract of your connection.

The only solution to this is a VPN and if you are not willing to pay anything to get a VPN for enjoying popcorn time there are many free VPs easily available. But today many people opt for subscription of VPN to enjoy such apps and so you need to go for complete research before opting for any free VPN. Below are some of the common features which should be available for enjoying such apps:

  • VPN must be such that it provides high speed. As popcorn time APK is basically for online streaming of movie and so high speed is required to enjoy without hindrance.
  • It is very important to remove activity logs from the app. This will make it difficult to trace regarding your log while using the app.
  • It should support P2P downloading to enjoy the app.

In all popcorn time is one of the best solutions which can help to enjoy movies and series from your device itself. The easy availability of movies has reduced the craze of theatres as without investing a single penny it is possible to watch the latest movies.

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