Bobby Movie APK 2.3.4 | Install & Download On Android/iOS [Latest 2019]

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About Bobby Movie APK

There are many apps which comes with malware and so ask for unrequired permission during installation. It can harm your device and disturb the normal functioning of your device. But Bobby Movie is different from others and does not have any virus or malware.

It is 100% safe for your device and can be installed from the link.Today Booby Move is also known as Coto movies and is mainly to watch movies and shows in HD quality.

The easy option also gives a chance to download the app in the device to use it for later and thus without an internet connection you can still enjoy your downloaded movies or shows. The simple design has made it very easy to use to the app.

How to install Bobby Movie APK On Android device?

  • Before proceeding to install the app go to settings -> Security -> Enable Unknown Sources. This will allow installing an app from unknown resources.
Bobby Movie APK Unknown Sources
  • Now time to download the link of the app from
  • Navigate through the downloaded file and click on the apk file.
  • Click on Install button and wait till the app gets successfully installed in the device.
  • After installation, the app gets opened where you can make changes as required and prompted by the app. Now enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows at any time and any place from your device.

If you are willing to download the app for your PC just download any emulator most preferred in Blue stack and follow the above-mentioned process. The whole working of the app will be the same as was for the device and thus you are able to enjoy app in your PC.

Bobby Movie APK
Bobby Movie APK

How to get Bobby Movie APP in Apple devices?

  • This app is compatible with all operating system and so can be enjoyed in the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. If you are having ios version greater than 9.0 you can enjoy both landscape and portrait mode. So, follow below mentioned steps to download an app in ios device.
  • First, go for the safari browser and open the link .
  • In the top menu bar go for download and lastly tap cot movies button on mirror site.
  • After this, you will see a pop up asking to install “Coto movies”.
  • The installation process of the app takes in the background and wait until the icon is available on the home screen on the device.
  • But when you open it, you will get an error saying Untrusted Enterprise Developer which won’t allow to open the app.
  • So, go to settings -> General -> Profiles & device Management ->profile name ->trust -> trust. This will allow to open the app and enjoy its features.

In case still, you are unable to open the app in a device, check if the app is deleted. If yes, then restart your device and follow the above-mentioned process once again to have a successful installation.

Apk Size 30.1
Android Version Requires 4.0 and up
Developer Cotomovies
Updated 4th April 2019
Installs 1 Million+
Content Rating 4.5

Features of Bobby Movie APK

  • The app is compatible with both devices and PC and so you are free to watch it according to your preference.
  • TV shows and movies can
  • be watched at free of cost as the installation of all is free and there is no need for a subscription.
  • If you are traveling to any place or your internet is limited just download the movie or show to watch it later. Thus you are free to watch it anywhere even if the internet is not accessible.
  • This app gives the option to download so that you can watch the movie at any time and also if it is a favorite movie you are free to watch innumerable time even without using data pack.
  • We all love to watch movies and shows of different countries but a language is a barrier. But with Booby movie apk there is no such restriction as it gives an option where you can change the subtitle and are free to enjoy all movies.
  • This app supports multiple languages and it is one of eh reason for the growing demand of the app. This app is available in English, Chinese, French, Dutch, Hebrew and many other languages.
  • It also gives the option where you can stream your favorite movie or TV shows to the TV through Chromecast, smart TV, Android TV, airplay and many more.
  • Bobby movie app is updated frequently so that you have details regarding all latest movie sand series.
  • We usually avoid such apps because of the annoying ads and so Bobby movie is available without any ad and you can have pure entertainment.
  • It gives the option to filter movies according to genre and rating. This will help to find movies easily and thus you need not to surf through a large collection.
  • User-friendly interface makes this app as the first choice for all movie lovers. There are different options are easily accessible and thus you can enjoy app to the fullest.
Bobby Movie APP

Why demand of Bobby Movie APK is increasing?

Everyone is looking out for an app which has all the required features but does not charge a single penny. Bobby Movie gives the option to watch movies or TV shows without any subscriptions charges and also is designed effectively.

It gives an option where you are free to watch hundreds of movie at your own time and comfort. This app comes up with all type of movies and so if you are willing to watch some of your favorite old movies go for this app. You can even enjoy all the newest release movies and even can download it.

The eye seeking feature of the app is to change subtitle. Yes, you heard it right that you can change subtitles of the movie and show both according to your need.

This app is designed beautifully as movies and shows are categorized in different sections and this makes it easy to select any movie from different genres. This app is working on cookie and cache and so if you are seeing any movie or show of particular category, you can watch other such related shows.

Download Bobby Movie Apk

How to make Bobby Movie APK compatible with Apple TV?

It is possible to enjoy movies and shows on the big screen as this app is compatible even with TV. If you are having an Apple TV and willing to watch the show on it follow below mentioned steps.

  1. First, make sure Apple TV is on and at the same time turn on Airplay.
  2. The most important thing is to have a device and TV on the same wireless network.
  3. Just following these two steps will make it possible to get Bobby movie on the Apple TV.
  4. The controls in the app will be used to perform any function like stop, forward, rewind, etc.

Points to consider

Today the demands and popularity of such apps are been increasing and so here VPN is also easily available. Using such apps might be illegal in some country and so if your IP address is tracked you might be blocked from using the services.

In such a situation, if you have VN the chances to get an IP address would be reduced and you can enjoy all to fullest. Google play store and even many unknown resources also offer free VPN.

This app is running smoothly in a device which has good RAM and storage. But if your device lack such configuration try to keep at least 300 MB device storage free as it will make streaming enjoyable.

High configuration mobile can enjoy downloading and streaming but for devices with low storage space downloading any movie or app would be difficult.

The app is working good with all devices but still, you face some problem try to clear caches, reset app preferences, free up storage space and RAM to solve all your error.

Bobby Movie

What is the solution if Bobby Movie APK is not working properly?

There are many people around us who are willing to use this app but face some of the other errors which do not allow the app to work perfectly. So, some of the solutions are as listed below:

  • In many cases, it is not possible to download a movie and so in such scenario just download any free VPN.
  • While using the app make sure you clear cache and data as it might sometime become a hindrance in the smooth working of the app.
  • Resetting app preferences can also help to make the app error-free and let you enjoy it to the fullest.
  • The growing demand of the app has made developers bring new versions which will eradicate errors and thus make the app error-free.

So, if you are also willing to enjoy some movie or show just Donald the app and enjoy its features. This app does not take any charge for using the app and so you can get complete entertainment at free of cost. It is one of the best apps for streaming movies and TV shows. It gives the option to enjoy live streaming of all type of movies and TV shows safely.

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