Which Social Media App Has A Ghost As Its Mascot?

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Which Social Media App Has A Ghost As Its Mascot?

Today there are many apps which can help to share photo and video with friends and family. Snapchat is not famous for its communication feature but also for its logo. It has a ghost as its mascot which is quite unique and it is one of the reasons why this app is different from others.

Snapchat is one such application where pictures are not permanent. It means that the receiver will find pictures and then suddenly it disappears within a few minutes.

This is one of the main reason that ghost is been used as its logo and it has really made the app popular. The ghost which is the mascot of snapchat is named as Ghostface Chillah.

Snapchat is being developed by the company names chat which is basically a camera company. It is possible to send snaps with a number of friends at a single time and thus make it easy to share pictures. It also gives the option to make voice and video calls to have private chat.

Which Social Media App Has A Ghost As Its Mascot

How to start with snapchat?

This app is basically a communication app with many hidden features which makes it a complete app for photos and videos. It is available for both android and ios devices. One can download the app from play store and pasture to enjoy such a beautiful application.

  1. Snapchat gives an option where users can add contacts from their contact list.
  2. Capture button is available in the app which can be used for taking the snaps. If you hold the button done it will give the option to take the video. Thus with a single button, it is possible to take videos and pictures.
  3. Once the picture is being clicked next is to edit it which is possible by swiping the picture left or right. There are also buttons which can help to edit pictures as required.
  4. Snaps taken by you can be sent to anyone who is available in your contact list. Snapchat also has the option to create a narrative story by using the snaps.
  5. Snapchat is not only about sharing and clicking snaps. It gives the option where on right swipe from the home screen will give the option to chat with friends.
  6. It is even possible to access the stories of your friend by swiping the left side of the home screen.

Explain the working of snapchat?

Everyone might have heard about snapchat where one can share picture and videos with family and friends. But what makes the difference is disappearing of videos and photos from the receiver’s phone.

It means that ender can set the time frame until which the snap should appear in the receiver’s phone. Once the time phrase passes pictures disappears from the phone.

Once the snap crosses the time frame it will not be accessible again. Snapchat also introduced snapchat stories where users can create a narrative story and share with loved ones. These stories also disappear within 24 hours and which shows that it has a perfect mascot for the app. Snapchat is not at all chargeable and thus one can enjoy all its feature at free of cost.

Features of snapchat

  • One who is looking to comment or decorate their snaps can find it very easy on snapchat. Emoji are available that can help to give new look to the snap and thus make it look quite unique and attractive. It requires to select the pen tool and just tap on emoji to add colors to your snap.
  • Adding face effects is one of the eye-seeking features of the Snapchat. One can add facial recognition effect on other person’s face which was previously available only for the selfies. There are options in it which will make pictures look quite different and unique.
  • Snapchat gives an option to apply multiple filters to their snaps before sharing. It means there is an option of geo filter where two filters can be applied on the same snap. After applying the first filter hold the screen with one finger and apply the second filter.
  • It is possible that small letters are not easily visible and so snapchat has the option where letters can be resized to make it look good.
  • One of the features of snapchat is to take snaps without getting any notification. Yes, it is possible with snapchat where users have to just make the airplane mode on. Next is to open the app and take the snap and just make the airplane mode off. This screenshot is being taken without any sound or notification.
  • Video can be recorded with zoon in mode by using your finger on the screen. Once the finger is released it comes back to the normal mode.

Why snapchat is so popular?

This app is user-friendly where communication is quite easy. Just clicking on the capture button will help to get snaps and create stories with it. It is one such app which does not require deep knowledge in using its features.

Everyone loves to share happy moments with loved ones and so snapchat give an option to share picture or video with friends. But if you wish that it is should be available only for a limited time just set the timeframe. This app will help one to stay connected with friends and share every single moment with them.

Beautiful memories are always to be stored and so Snapcash gives an opportunity where with single app one can get different features. Users can take pictures, videos, create stories, share with a friend and many more. This is one complete application which is working for users and make it easy to stay connected.

Many people are not using such apps as it may consume battery and data but snapchat is not the same. Yes, it consumes minimal data and battery as compared to other such apps which has sharing and recording features. Snapchat is best for communication and sharing your story with all your close ones.

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