Onyolo Snapchat Anonymous App [2019 Latest Version] For Android & iOS

Onyolo Snapchat Anonymous App
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Introduction Of Onyolo Snapchat Anonymous App

The Onyolo Snapchat Anonymous App gaining lots of popularity among peoples especially teenagers and it is built on the top of Snapchat Snap Kit platform. The platform has the ability through which users can create and login to the account with the use of their existing ID of Snapchat.

With the use of the kit which allows the third-party apps to integrate with the app of Snapchat. In the app of OnYolo through which users can send anonymous questions to other snapchat users and can put their answer in their story. Through this app, teenagers can gossip about their peers.

In Onyolo Snapchat Anonymous App, the user can create an account, a name and can also share it on the user social networking site. Since questions can be sent by anyone it is not necessary that all messages should be nice. The app provides with a different sticker along ask me anything question. The user has the ability to attach the user image with answers to the questions.

The app originally created to balance the relationship between employee and management. Anyone using the app can post anything feeling about each other. The user can share a link with their followers so that they can ask any questions. Then your friend can directly rely on the user stories.

Onyolo Snapchat Anonymous App
Onyolo Snapchat Anonymous App

How to Download Onyolo Snapchat Anonymous App Question on Snapchat

  • First, you have to open your snapchat application.
  • Now click on the snap button.
  • After this, you will find paper clip icon click on it.
  • You can type in the Saraha Profile URL.
  • Now click on the search or go option.
  • Then, you have to click on attach to snap option.
  • At the end, you can send it to your friends or can share it in the story.

How to Connect Onyolo Snapchat Anonymous App to Snapchat?

It is not very difficult task the user can easily do it for this user have to log in their snapchat account. After this, they can include a sticker to their stories with the question want to ask with their followers or friend. When the user will download the app they can easily open it and login with the same account of snapchat.

When you will log in to the account press on the continue button and will get anonymous messages and can also select to allow the notification. Through this, it will open the snapchat and swipe on the left side for selecting the story according to their wish.

Form this, the user can open the Yolo app and will start seeing the questions asked by their friends. When user will click on reply the option it will again open the snapchat. Then they can take a picture and post it with the answer in their story.

Does OnYolo reveal user Identity?

No, it does not reveal anyone identity unless the user message in the wrong way or inappropriately to the other user. We know that users itself don’t want to reveal their identity so for this they have to remember that not to send any bullying message to anyone.

In this way, the user can hide their identity from other users. With this users should also be aware of the fake apps it can reveal the user identity when they will install the app. Such types of app only want to earn money from the user.

Most of the peoples think that they can use any types of rude language while questioning as their identity is hidden but once they will cross their limits their message will be spread with their real identity.

Safety Guidelines of the Application

With the use of Onyolo Snapchat Anonymous App, it is clear that for safety and monitoring of the users. When the user signs in the app then it gets warning the app will not tolerate objectionable or abusive content for other users. Through which the user account will get blocked.

With Onyolo Snapchat Anonymous App, the app consists of the feature of blocking and flagging where the user can block and prevent from spreading the bullying and abusive message on the story of the user from unknown another user.

Along all this NSPCC has also issued warning about the app and a guide for the parents how they can protect their children from social networking site bad effects. It can also be misused by commenting message in the wrong way.

Policies of Onyolo Snapchat Anonymous App

When the user log in the account and starts using it connecting with the snapchat before this they have to get agree with some terms and conditions. The very first term is not to use abusive language and behaviour in the app.

While using app users have to get agree with the service of EULA and privacy policy. The app will not tolerate single objectionable content the user will directly get banned and they have to agree in the term before using the app.

Screenshot Of Onyolo Snapchat Anonymous App

App File Size Information

App NameOnyolo Snapchat Anonymous App    
Supported SystemAndroid 4.0+
Latest Version1.0
Last Updated10/5/2019

Does it Possible to Hack OnYolo Application

We know that in today world of digital most of the fake tools have taken place and it provides the same app to the user so peoples should be more aware of it.  The name of the app is anonymous questions than it should be anonymous.

No one of the fake sites can hack the applications and the user identity will also be kept hidden. Using the right kind of app is more important and it is a secure application for use. Through the use of Onyolo Snapchat Anonymous App, it will not reveal the name of the sender.


After knowing about the app we have found that Yolo is the best app and through it, user can answer and question how they feel about each other peers. With this, it also provides the facility of privacy with each other followers. Even the user can also block the other user if they are misusing the facility. It also keeps your questions anonymous without any danger of revealing. 

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