Delta GB Whatsapp V1.1.1 Apk [2019] Official Latest Version

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What is the Delta GB Whatsapp V1.1.1 Apk?

The Delta GB WhatsApp is the modified version of the WhatsApp application which has come with the most attractive and unique features and appearance. IT is also based on the latest GB WhatsApp app.

Google Play Store does not accept the apps which are modified, and therefore, this app is not available on the Google Play Store for this one simple reason and the users will be able to download it from the official website of the application.

GBWhatsapp Delta APK Latest Version
GBWhatsapp Delta APK Latest Version

What are the special features of the Delta GB Whatsapp V1.1.1 Apk?

  1. The app has got a very large number of features that have been added in the modified apk. Some of them can be expressed as:
  2. The app allows you to use any number of stickers for adding sticker into the Delta GB mod.
  3. The forward tag will be missing next time you forward the message from any of your friend or contact.
  4. The app will also allow you to block calls with or without making it visible to the other person.
  5. You also get the special feature to swipe to reply.
  6. The app allows group calls in its latest version.
  7. There is no limit for the number of forwards to the Indian users.
  8. The app has got most of the major languages supported like Hindi, English, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
  9. It comes with the unique lock -in feature.
  10. You will be able to clean all the WhatsApp files from the device.
  11. You can also get to choose the launcher icon from different styles of the 35 awesome icons.
  12. There is also the option of backing up all your WhatsApp Data.
  13. The app also supports all third-party video players.
  14. There is a video limit of nearly 50MB and the audio limit of 100 MB.
  15. You will also be now able to send the original image without having to compress it.
  16. The GB App users will be able to view the 7-minute full length video in the status window.
  17. The app gives you access to change the fonts of the GB DELTA Application where you get more than 30 different fonts.
  18. There is also the option for Auto Reply, Message Scheduler and also anti-revoke.
  19. The best of all the features is the DND or the Do not disturb Mode.
  20. You can also repair the black screen when you are uploading your images in WhatsApp.

How to download and install Delta GB Whatsapp V1.1.1 Apk on your Android device?

First you will need to uninstall the Official WhatsApp from your Android device and then go ahead and download the GB WhatsApp Delta Apk from their official website. Now click on it and install it on to your Android devices.

That is, it! Open the app and sign in your mobile number in to. Now you can customize it and get started. Always remember to take a back up of your WhatsApp data before installing or modifying it.

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