Apex Legends Apk [2019 Latest Official Version] For iOS & Android

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Apex Legend Apk

Online games are getting very popular as it is one of the best source of entertainment today. Battle games are more popular as it brings different challenges which are to be crossed to reach the next level.

One such game which is very popular and available for PC, Xbox One is Apex Legends. It is one of the best Battle Royal game and got so popular among players that it reached nearly 10 million registrations in short span of time.

More and more players are registering themselves to play this battle game which is really enjoyable and quite different from other games. The demand has made developers think for Apex legend for mobile also.

Yes, it is true that shortly it would be introduced for mobile and give tough competition to Fortnite or PUBG. It is not possible for everyone to have Xbox or console game to enjoy Apex and so there is a need to develop in on devices. Developers are working to release the official version for Android devices soon.

Apex Legends Apk
Apex Legends Apk

Why Apex legend App should be released for Android devices?

Today people are spending most of their time of mobile which has forced developers to introduce everything on mobile itself. The craze of games is increasing and so developers are trying to introduce some new concepts which can give a real feel for gamers.

One such is Fortnite which is one of the most popular game when talking about battle royale game. So, to get more followers it is very important to bring Apex Legend on mobile.

It has many countless players for console and the same should be for mobile and so has to come up with perfect planning which can attract more people compared to console.

Why Apex legend App would be enjoyable on devices?

Graphics and gameplay are well balanced which will help to make gaming on devices quite enjoyable. The communication between players give the real feel and it will help to get more players for the game on the device.

Today the popularity of games of devices have made clear that game should be multi-platform to achieve complete success. Online games like PUBG has really succeeded and this has made developer to bring Apex legend for the device.

They are planning to develop the game on mobile to get more success to  Apex Legend and also it is the necessity. Developers are planning to bring free battle mode for gamers of Apex Legend on devices.

Explain about eight legends of the game

  • Gibraltar (Makoa Gibraltar)

He is a kind person who is always ready to help others. His skills and nature can protect himself from enemies. He is also known as the shield as he can give complete protection to the team.

  • Caustic (Alexander Nox)

He is one of the best scientists who is an expert in the use of toxic gas. No other scientist is as best as Caustic in Humbert LAB and is having skills to use Nox in the form of traps and grenades.

  • Pathfinder(MRVN)

It is the robot of the game who possess many skills. He is not able to save himself but also can help other team members. This robot can create hook wire to swings so that team can escapee terrain. This robot is able to save himself by jumping a long distance and thus possess good powers.

  • Lifeline (Ajay Che)

She is the doctor of the team who can help to diagnose the problem when injured. She is able to heal AOE and also has lots of necessary medicines which can help the team to cure the problem.

  • Bloodhound

He is the bloodthirsty hunter of the game. He is able to sniff players with his special Beast of the Hunt skill.

  • Wraith

She is the witch of the game who is always ready to save his team in the time of danger. She has the skill to find a shortcut path which can help the team to move quickly. She is having power which can easily detect danger.

  • Bangalore (Anita Williams)

She is the bravest soldier who participated in the IMC force. Soon she became aware of his fighting ability and is able to use her ultimate skill. She has a special weapon which is grenade launcher to fight enemies and help the team to survive.

  • Mirage (Elliott Witt)

Reasons why Apex legend App is so popular?

  • There are different characters in the game and each of them has their own skill and power. It makes the player think twice before selecting any character as it should be such that they can win the game. Characters with differences in their tactics have made the game more popular and interesting to play.
  • Flexibility is one of the most important factors behind the popularity of the game. This battle game comes with many options to fight like swing slopes swing rope and many other which bring all option to escape.
  • This battle game is similar to previous such games but the change among players, equipment’s and gameplay have made the difference. It is a team game and so while playing with friends it would be really enjoyable for all.
  • The graphics and design of the game reflect landscapes and terrain. It also has caves, hills, forest, legends and many more which makes the game interesting.

The demand for Apex legend for mobile has made developers to plan the game for mobile soon. It would be a tough competition as there are other mobile games which are already ruling and so to get more users EA game shave to come with complete preparation. Hoping to see the game for mobile devices soon!!!

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